Deirdre Robb will be making a special wishing tree For NYF Dublin, a 3 day city wide festival @NYFDublin.

So if you are about Dublin in the afternoons on 30th, 31st or 1st onwards why not look out for her and make your own wish.

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See what else is on here #NYFDublin #LoveDublin

#NYFDublin #LoveDublin #wishingtree

Deirdre Robb preparing to install ‘Pausal’ Installation as part of Women’s work festival

Women's Work Festival



Monday 7th March
Oh Yeah Music Centre

7pm-10pm : Free : Licenced Bar


Robb has been asked to  create an Visual Installation ‘PAUSAL’ taken from her current work Inspired by my experience of entering the menopause. The sculptural sound installation relates to the emotional and physical changes impacted by withdrawal of oestrogen leaving the body. Tension, pain and beauty are contained within the work that is intended to create dialogue about the effects that menopause can have on a woman’s life.

This special event curated by Over The Hill Music Collective will explore the issues and discussion that surrounds the representation of older women in music, art and popular culture. Interspersed throughout the evening will be examples of work from three local female artists. This work will be a combination of personal, shared and collected experiences manifested through music, visual art and verbal interpretation.

To register your interest e-mail

Pausal Installation shot


Deirdre Robb live performance

Saturday 5th September 2015, Engine Room, Portview Trade Centre,

Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 1HE



Deirdre Robb live performance

Saturday 5th September 2015, Engine Room, Portview Trade Centre,

Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 1HE

As a closing event in the Degrees of Separation exhibition by Creative Exchange artist studios, resident artist Deirdre Robb will do her 1st live performance ‘Pausal’ in the Engine Room at the Portview Trade Centre, 310 Newtownards Road at 9pm. This work provides a visual performance reflecting the emotional and physical changes experienced during the female menopause and the degrees of change they go through from birth to death. Robb wants to encourage dialogue about this taboo subject, to make it more open in society, and to challenge this emotional journey that women often go through in isolation


Thursday 20th August – September 5th 2015 Engine Room, Portview Trade Centre,

Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 1HE

menopause_Art Installation_Deirdre_Robb

menopause_Art Installation_Deirdre_Robb

DEGREES OF SEPARATION was the showcase exhibition hosted by Creative Exchange Artist Studios as part of the Eastside Arts Festival. The content of the exhibition is a play on the theory that everyone and everything can be connected in 6 or fewer steps. This is significant within a city like Belfast and even more prevalent within East Belfast. In curating the exhibition, artist Deirdre Robb asked the artists to respond to this concept through their own practice, with the resulting show encompassing video, painting, photography, installation and projections. Participating artists include, Stephen Millar, Lesley Cherry, Ruth Gonsalves Moore, Ray Duncan, David Fox, Paul Moore, Heather Wilson, Alice Clarke, Ciara O’Malley, Deirdre Robb & George Robb.




Home Group exhibition in Creative Exchange Artist Studios  preview 6pm-9pm 4th JUNE 2015

Contuines 5th to 31st June  by appointment only ++442890452299

Deirdre Robb was invited to participate in a four man show ‘Home” in Creative Exchange Artist Studios  for their annual summer exhibition.  Lesley Cherry, who has asked Robb to create a new installation in the exhibition space, is curating the show.  When asked about the concept behind the installation Robb stated. “A mother is at the heart of the home and it is no wonder as, our first home even before we are born is the mother’s womb. A womb for a woman is what makes her special. If she is privileged to conceive, her womb automatically nurtures and protects the unborn. However, in general terms, it also has a significant impact on a woman’s life from her 1st menstruation, monthly cycles (or not), childbirth, right through to her menopause. Emulating form the womb, tension, pain and blood are also large features that impact on women lives and it is a combination of these that has inspired this installation”.

Urban Meadows artist injects colour into the heart of East Belfast

1st May 2015

Urban Meadows_Deirdre_Robb

Urban_Meadow_Deirdre_Robb  Creative_Exchange

As well as creating exciting sculptures and art installations Creative Exchange Artist Studios artist Deirdre Robb also works in the community of East Belfast on various socially engaged artistic projects such as this latest public art project ‘Urban Meadows’ Community Garden. This was an environmental improvement programme that has helped to clean up a previously derelict plot of unused land at the junction of the Newtownards Road and Tower Street, transforming it into a bright usable space. The scheme was funded by Belfast City Counil Renewing The Routes Programme  with Creative Exchange Artist Studios working in collaboration with the East Belfast Partnership in the visual arts development of the project. Robb created the uplifting backdrop titled ‘Urban Meadow’ to integrate with the landscaping and planting to help transform the site. Looking at East Belfast’s industrial heritage stimulated her inspiration for the Flax flower artwork. She considered it important to celebrate linen and the mills, as they are not well represented in the area as much of the focus is on the shipyard industry. It also is a stark contrast to the paramilitary mural that also feature on the Newtownards Road Deirdre hopes that the artwork will have a positive impact on the area and that local people and visitors will enjoy the both artwork and garden.



Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art

December 11, 2014-January 3, 2015

Deirdre Robb’s will exhibit her digital print Zinged as part of the 11th Annual “Snap to Grid:
International Open Group Exhibition in the Los Angeles Centre Digital Art. ‘Zinged’ is part of Robb’s latest series of work ‘PAUSE’ that focuses on the voice of women that are dominated by a dictatorship of power who overshadow their transition, grief and pain as well as challenging the enforcement of political systems that prevent the growing process to be equals in society. The Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art is dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, new media, digital video art, net art, digital sculpture, interactive multimedia, and the vast panorama of hybrid forms of art and technology that constitute our moment in culture. They are committed to supporting local, international, emerging and established artists through exposure in their gallery.

Saturday 22nd November


Images from Passion For Freedom Festival photographs by Gosia Janik  where Deirdre Robb exhibited her ‘Silent Pain Of Oppression’ sculpture.









 The Silent Pain Of Oppression Deirdre Robb

The Silent Pain Of Oppression Deirdre Robb

Creative Exchange Artist Deirdre Robb has been selected for the Passion for Freedom London festival 2014.

Passion For Freedom

The festival  gives a unique opportunity for artists to openly debate and exercise freedom of speech.

The 6th Passion for Freedom art and film festival, will be held on 5th -15th November in the Embassy Tea Gallery (close to Tate Modern) in London. The annual festival is a rare collection of works of “courageous artists” who have answered three pivotal questions: * What is freedom? * How easy is it to lose it? * How difficult is it to get it back? This year at the festival there will be a collection of 15 films, 10 books, 10 journalists and 51 artworks from all over the world: Peru, Venezuela, Iran, Israel, Syria, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, USA & Australia. The winner Freedom Ambassador will be announced at the award ceremony on
 Saturday 8th November 2014. NB. For security purposes the first day of the festival will be open to those who hold an invitation only. If you would like to be part of the private view public then please get in touch with the organisers of the festival. Contact for interviews / attendance: Marianna Fox 07895134245


Monday 27th October 2014

Green, Red, Blue? -The Blood That Runs Through My Veins

165 Newtownards Road, Belfast



Deirdre Robb’s latest billboard creation is in situ on 165 Newtownards Road, Belfast. The billboard is part of Creative Exchange Artist Studios ‘Art in the Eastside” project that is part of the Ulster Bank festival at Queen’s. It will be on site until the 4th November 2014.Robb states ‘This sculptural work examines perceptions of cultural identity and is connected to conflict in recent years of the artist native home of Belfast as well as globally with countries experiencing political and social unrest. The work stems from observations of people’s preoccupation with national identity leading to racism, hate crimes and intolerance of other cultures. The use of cultural icons, flags and colour are used not just to symbolize their own identity, it is used to exclude others. This work is deliberately aggressive and is used to represent the pain of war and oppression.    Artistically, the work is also a play on the colour model Green, Red and Blue and has been used here both literally and metaphorically. The more we combine and integrate these colours/nationalities the far greater, richer and more interesting experiences we will encounter. Visually, the blue is hidden, as is the real colour of blood that runs through all our veins.’

Friday 25th october 2014


Creative Exchange, 310 Newtownards Road 

Creative Exchange Artist Studios has opened its doors to the public as part of the Belfast Open Studios  taking place 25th and 26 October 2014.Unit B4 | Portview Trade Centre| 310 Newtownards Road |Belfast | BT4 1HE
 | (0)28 9045 2299
 | Robb who is a founder member of Creative Exchange is delighted to taking part and will be in her studio on the 26th October from 1pm -5pm. Thanks to Visual Artist Ireland who managed the project and coordinated all the studios in Belfast to become involved in this great initiative.


Deirdre_ Robb_Studio_Creative_Exchange

deirdre_robb_studio_ image




In December 2013 Creative Exchange Artist Studios commissioned Deirdre Robb to create ECHOS, an outdoor light based installation and film projections in the Portview Trade Centre on the Newtownards Road. In her installations, Robb uses the architectural elements of the old mill building – one of the few to successfully survive in Belfast – by highlighting its curves, functionality and shape. By covering certain objects in light reflective materials, a Fire Hydrant becomes a glowing landmark, leaves which have gathered in gulley’s have been hand painted to become glowing rivers. Robb comments on the man-made and natural objects within this building which has seen many changes of use over the years and which is still a thriving artistic and business hub within East Belfast. Her light is a reflective echo of the buildings past and future.

Fire Hydrant light sculpture  Fire Hydrant, light Sculpture November 2013 Creative Exchange Artist Studios, Newtownards Road Belfast



Creative Exchange Artist Studios Artist Deirdre Robb has been selected for the Passion for Freedom London festival 2013. The festival  gives a unique opportunity for artists to openly debate and exercise freedom of speech.

Passion for Freedom is a non-governmental and voluntary organization gathering professionals working in arts and media. The annual celebration of Freedom takes place in a spacious, contemporary gallery next to the Tate Modern. This year Robb’s collage artwork ‘Super Guerilla Knitters’ will be exhibited work alongside 34 international artists’ from 13 countries: Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, China, Holland, and Afghanistan. It will be presented in the ‘Brave’ Exhibition at UNIT 24 Gallery
 from 2nd -9th November 2013. The winner Freedom Ambassador will be announced at the award ceremony on
 Saturday 2 November 2013. NB. For security purposes the first day of the festival will be open to those who hold an invitation only. If you would like to be part of the private view public then please get in touch with the organisers of the festival. Contact for interviews / attendance: Marianna Fox

Urban Meadows_Deirdre_Robb_creative_Exchange

Urban Meadows_Deirdre_Robb_creative_Exchange

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