Pausal at Framework


For 2016 Tether Festival, Deirdre Robb will present a solo exhibition ‘Pausal’ In Framewerk Gallery (10 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast) that will include sculptures, drawings and photographs.
The work is based on the impact that the process of entering menopause can have on a woman’s life. Initially, it stemmed on Robb’s personal experience of the many symptoms she encountered over the past 8 years, however, the work is universal in context and has been expanded to reflect many women’s experience.

The works reveal both emotional and physical changes that reflect the withdrawal symptoms of estrogen leaving a female’s body. Her art visually represents transitions relating to the body, as well as documenting pain, transformation, tension and beauty.

Robb will host an open studio in Creative Exchange (Unit B4, Portview Trade Centre 310 Newtownards Road, Belfast) on Monday 30th May. At 1pm she will discuss the history of her work and at 1.30pm she will walk attendees to Framewerk (10min walk) where she will give a talk about the work in the exhibition.

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