This was a exhibition Robb curated and participated in the Belfast Based Engine Room Gallery. She selected artists that worked used a form of light as a source for their work or were interested in the concept of visual language and the relationship that their work has on the on the viewer.

 the eye is much taken with Acietore Artizoine’s Good Friday, a 15-hour exposure urbanscape photograph, Colin Williams’ marbling, Brendan Jamison’s wax ‘fir-cone’ inverted aeroplane and Ian Fleming’s vast, plangent and obviously very personal ice-sculpture, its Deirdre’s own work which dominates. In a side-room, her more than metre-high pillars are topped with glowing heads of coloured resin, vibrant references which could pass in the best of in cafe-bar ambiences. Back in the main Gallery, her Ice Wall glows softly, a magnet for mysteries and interpretations’

Ian Hill art critic





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