Mnemonic Device for Belfast Security Gates, Rivers, ​and Boundaries.

Mnemonic Device for Belfast – Security Gates, Rivers and Boundaries.

 Working proposal for a public intrerest project.

Having undertaken a residency in Golden Thread Gallery with Professor Kate Catterall, I  explored the concept of creating a visual public art Mnemonic Device for Belfast reflecting an experience during the ‘Troubles”

I have created a proposed sculpture that is reflectiveof my experience visiting Belfast City Centre during the troubles.

I explored the idea of lost stories and experiences of everyday people who entered into and out of the city focusing on the ‘normal’ encounters (not to negate the traumatic or terror-related experiencesas these may be seen as normal too).  By large these experiences have been forgotten or buried in the back of our minds, in essence, hidden narratives that lie within.

The infamous security gates that checked individuals were the motivation behind the sculpture project – the physical structures created by scaffolding were constructed as a temporary mechanism for the security forces to pursue a verification of someone’s identity and trustworthiness, i.e. not armed or dangerous.

The framework of entering into a security gate gave ideas to structures access and flow. Conceptually I have linked this proposal to other hidden elements such as the ‘Farset River’ (that helped grow Belfast to become a city but hidden beneath the city) as well as current day boundaries and interfaces.

The structures will be accompanied by sound piece and sculptures inspired by real-life stories.